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ABOUT ME... Bite-size Nutrition story


I am a registered and accredited Nutritional Therapist and a founder of Bite-size Nutrition based in Bromley, South East London from where I offer nutritional consultations alongside clinics in Central London & Canterbury. 


Following completion of my first class MSc, BA(Hons) degree from Oxford I embarked on a successful long term Sales career with which came long hours, busy schedules, travel, high stress levels and energy burn out. Experiencing deteriorating health conditions, inconclusive medical examinations and tests I decided to take health into my own hands.

I completely changed my career, lifestyle and personal goals to embark on broadening my health knowledge, education and experience in this field.


I graduated at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, a well-known college accredited to the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC).  The indepth study involved training in the functional medicine principles (a science-based method of assessing underlying causes of symptoms) as well as patient centred holistic approach to clinical practice. 


Having gone through my own health & nutrition journey experiencing a wide range of digestive issues, food sensitivities and impaired immunity & detoxification symptoms I formulated and worked on a variety of nutritional approaches, plans and actions to optimise my own health and wellness. This has led me to focus on specialised areas where my passion is to support others in optimising their health & wellness. 


My aim is to inspire, educate, coach and equip you with knowledge and understanding to enable you to make informed decisions about your nutritional and lifestyle choices. As part of the plan I provide practical bite sized tips including recipes, links to further information sources, shopping lists and meal sample plans to help you on your every day health journey.


You may also enjoy following and reading my blog and find me on below social media  where I share bite sized healthy information, tips, ideas and product reviews. 


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