What to expect from consultations


A nutritional consultation involves in depth gathering and assessment of important information that is key to building an overal picture of your health and formulating tailor made programme to meet yout individual requirements. Prior to the consultation I will ask you to complete a short health questionnaire and record your typical food diary over a 4 day period.


During the actual consultation we will discuss in detail the key areas of:

- Your health goals, needs and expectations

- Your general state of health at present & current health issues

- Prescribed medication / nutritional supplements 

 -Your past medical history & your family history 

- Your dietary patterns,  lifestyle & environmental factors     contributing your health.

- Your food likes and dislikes

- Your work/ life balance


I will then formulate your nutritional plan to help optimise your wellbeing and outline a supporting programme to incorporate these recommendations into your life. This may include suggested dietary & lifestyle adjustments and supplement programme.


Specific functional testing and laboratory investigations (at additional cost) may also be recommended as part of the nutritional care plan to assess and allow for a precise exploration of body functions. These may also help to monitor your progress during implementation of your tailor made nutritional & lifestyle plan. 


A follow up appointment within the next 4-6 weeks will be proposed at the end of your initial consultation to discuss your progress, positive outcomes/obstacles, new symptoms and next steps in your health and wellbeing programme.



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